Chemical manual

Language: Slovenian

The manual presents monographs of dangerous chemicals, describes their chemical and physical properties, their practical use, and their effect on living organisms and the environment. It is intended for experts which are active in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, agronomy, as well as to businessmen who deal in production and trade of dangerous chemicals, and oversee their trade.

The manual encompasses roughly 800 chemicals, IUPAC chemical nomenclature system for organic and inorganic compounds, The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), The International System of Units, an overview of active substances and preparations for the protection of plants registered in Slovenia, and basic pharmacological-toxicological properties of some chemical functional groups.

The manual offers much useful information to those who are frequently in contact with the natural environment (hunters, beekeepers, fishermen, ecologists) and to those that are involved in plant (forestry, agriculture, fruit farming) and animal protection (veterinary medicine). In this respect, chemicals whose usage is allowed in Slovenia in the field of farming, fruit farming, and forestry, are presented. Publication is extremely useful as a textbook for students of chemistry, chemical technology, pharmacy and related sciences.

The publication encompasses statutory provisions dealing with classification and labelling of chemicals in the market, order of European parliament and council on classification, labelling, and packing of substances and mixtures, which came into action on December 1 2010 for substances and on June 1 2015 for mixtures, respectively. Descriptions of individual chemicals are equipped with CAS numbers and numbers of customs tariff, which is consistent with the combinatory EU nomenclature.

The content of the book is tailored to the achievements of international organizations (Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD, World Health Organization – WHO,…), which were active in the 1980’s and laid the foundations for new global politics for treatment of chemical substances and their effect on the environment.

The manual is the result of the work of experts from Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. The information was gathered from different sources such as scientific literature, webpages, gazettes, and other acceptable publications. This treatment of dangerous chemicals is prepared in Slovene and as such represents an important contribution to realization of national programme of chemical safety.

The authors of the book are Prof. Dr. Aleš Krbavčič, Prof. Dr. Aleš Obreza, Prof. Dr. Marija, Sollner-Dolenc, Prof. Dr. Branko Stanovnik in Mag. Milan Škrlj.

Released and published by: Slovenian Chemical Society

Price of the book in electronic format (CD-ROM): 15 € (VAT included)